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After the corona crisis: Busy months ahead

Like so many other companies, this spring's corona pandemic and lockdown posed a major challenge for Hjerno Tool Factory. We too have had to adjust our plans for the year, change work routines and otherwise adapt to the new reality to the best of our ability.

Fortunately, we now see that after a period on a low flame, our factory is returning to full speed again. The big customers, who unanimously pulled the brake in the spring, have now gradually started stepping on the gas instead.

“The pressure is on in our sales department, where the inquiries on large projects are pouring in. And that is probably a sign that the industry simply does not have the time to be left at a standstill,” says Managing Director Aage Agergaard, who for the same reasons expects a busy period in fall and winter.

As late as the end of June, Hjerno's specialists were involved when a large Danish company embarked on a major plastic project. In this case, Hjerno will be part of the project as a partner from the start in order to contribute with innovation and know-how. You can read more about the project here.

Danish companies are highly adaptable

Aage Agergaard finds it extremely encouraging that so many Danish companies seem to have recovered so quickly after the corona crisis.

“As I see it, this adaptability is one of the great strengths of Danish industry. During the financial crisis, the large Danish companies were also able to be flexible, adjust the course and discover new opportunities in such a time of crisis. As a business partner, we also benefit from that,” says Aage Agergaard.

"So I am fairly sure that this will be a good year after all, and that we will probably come out the other end with an acceptable profit."

Growth targets are intact

At the same time, Aage Agergaard emphasizes that the corona crisis does not cause Hjerno to change the ambitious growth strategy.

The goal is still to reach 100 employees in four years, thus increasing the number of employees by approximately 40 new employees.

“It is still an ambitious goal, but it is solely on the basis that our customers, in our experience, demand large and powerful tool factories with a wide range of services as well as expert knowledge. If we are to meet those demands, we need to grow,” says Aage Agergaard.