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Hjerno’s mobile team are happy to travel

At Hjerno, we’ve acquired so many tool specialists that we’d be only too pleased to hire them out.

We are therefore happy to come out on ‘patient visits’ and supply injection moulding installations, with the aim of remedying any errors - or perhaps just optimise the processes.

"Of course, plastics manufacturers have a great deal of knowledge and many routines and procedures for programming their injection moulding machinery. But as both quality and plastics production are often an interaction between tools, injection moulding machines and peripheral equipment, it’s not always sufficient to try to optimise tools and machines individually. This is where our specialists can come in and look at the whole installation with a fresh pair of eyes and experience," says Hjerno’s Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

Advanced equipment under their arms

Hjerno’s team of specialists typically have various types of testing and measuring equipment under their arms. They are likely to have carried out flow analyses or other forms of data processing beforehand, so they would be familiar with the theoretical background to cycle times, quality of parts and the risk of errors.

"This is equipment and software that by no means everyone has. But it is also equipment we already possess and are skilled in using," says Aage Agergaard.

Errors can be difficult to find

He explains further that Hjerno’s specialists can be asked to come out to customers in connection with problems of quality, for example, or production stoppage, which cannot be immediately restored or forced if the tool is being tested at a test centre - or when the machine produces other parts. 

"So it could be a combination of other things that can be hard to find but which our specialists are often fortunate enough to identify through analysis - and resolve," says Aage Agergaard.

"It doesn’t necessarily have to be faulty parts either; it could also be an unexpected machine stoppage, slightly fluctuating part quality, problems in the peripheral equipment, excessive cycle time, material deposit in the tool or other things that give you trouble. This is where we can often help you by finding the interaction that optimises the operation."

Limited expense for a better result

Aage Agergaard emphasises that Hjerno is also happy to come out to look at tools that are not necessarily manufactured by Hjerno. This can be done whether there’s a specific order or a planned service check.

"We have carried out this type of check quite a lot of times. And it’s a limited expense for having another pair of eyes look at the problem. And in our experience, it almost always results in an optimisation of the customer’s installation," concludes Aage Agergaard.