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Watch video: Meet one of Hjerno’s specialists

“Every day, you are assigned a new task. You will never be doing the same thing.”

So says one of our skilled specialists, industrial technician Stefan Olsen, who works in our machining department as responsible for one of our five-axial CNC machines.

Amongst other things, Stefan is involved in machining the raw blocks of metal in order to give them the right shape for the tools.

“The exiting thing about my job is that you are challenged. There are always oblique angles and edges, and that is what makes it exciting,” says Stefan.

Tech geek and motorcycle enthusiast

When Stefan is not tending to his machine at Hjerno, he is somewhat of a tech geek, who, at home, experiments with technologies such as 3D printing and CNC machines. He is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

Learn more in the video below (please press the CC button for subtitles).