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Hjerno's most creative brain celebrates his 25th anniversary

As a company, Hjerno would not be anything without our skilled employees. That is why we are happy that fortunately we may often enjoy their company for a really long time.

This applies, for example, to engineer Erik Lund, who recently celebrated his 25th anniversary at Hjerno. He has thus been with us all the way on Hjerno's journey from being a medium-size to a large tool factory - and more.

Capable of delivering ingenious solutions

“Erik is without a doubt the company's most creative brain. He manages to turn complex ideas into good solutions that are profitable to produce and he has often been able to deliver ingenious solutions,” says Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

As an example, he mentions a separate mould for producing small balls, which Erik Lund has helped to develop. It is a small independent unit that is built into a mould. It ensures that a completely round ball is produced, regardless of heat generation and deformation.

Retired after 35 years at Hjerno

Another long-term employee is tool maker Bo Johnsen, to whom Hjerno recently said thank you and goodbye after 35 years of faithful service.

“And Bo has already promised that if things get out of control, he will gladly come in and lend a helping hand,” says Aage Agergaard.

Attractive senior scheme

Long employee seniority is, on the whole, one of the hallmarks of Hjerno, Aage Agergaard finds. The company itself has trained roughly every sixth tool maker in the production, and a 40th anniversary is waiting just around the corner.

“But we are indeed making great efforts to be an attractive workplace, also for the seniors,” says Aage Agergaard.

As an example, he mentions an attractive senior scheme, where you as an older employee have the opportunity to work shorter hours - also beyond the official retirement age. Moreover, the company offers fringe benefits such as a special bonus in connection with the employees’ 25th and 40th anniversaries.

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