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New ISO certification is in the bag

Hjerno Tool Factory has yet again been ISO 9001-15 certified.

It is a certification that we have actually had for many years, but which we recently decided to upgrade to the latest system.

“And during that process, we found out that it actually made more sense to scrap the old certification completely and instead start all over again,” says Hjerno's Business Strategy Specialist, Kris Agergaard.

Strengthening of quality assurance

The certification has resulted in some much simpler processes, which have become much better anchored in Hjerno's many different departments.

“We can see that it strengthens our quality assurance. We can pull more data out of the system, which increases our delivery reliability. At the same time, it helps us to work even more at eye level with our large customers, who to a large extent use the same system,” says Kris Agergaard.

Achieved in four months

The certification has been achieved in just four months with expert guidance from the consulting company of ISOWARE A/S.

It is precisely ISOWARE's self-developed software of the same name that has helped to create some far more transparent processes that have been straightforward to implement in daily work.

“All the data is found in the software, which is a great help for us. At the same time, the certification means, for example, that if we need to approve a supplier, we can just tick him off in the user interface if he also uses ISOWARE,” says Kris Agergaard.

Next ISO certification in the pipeline

The next goal within ISO certification will probably be an ISO 1401 environmental approval, which among other things focuses on the correct handling of chemicals and thereby contributes to minimising the environmental impact of Hjerno’s production.

“Such a certification is by no means a legal requirement, but it is a natural thing for a company of our size,” Kris Agergaard concludes.