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New chief accountant with analytical sense

What do you get if you combine a sense of numbers with a sense of data? You get the description of Hjerno's new chief accountant, Jesper Katborg, who joined us in October.

Jesper Katborg does not alone have to make sure that the numbers are correct. He will also become heavily involved in cost-optimising our operations.

"Jesper is demonstrably a really strong analyst, and we want to bring those competencies into play here at Hjerno," says Kris Haislund Agergaard, Hjerno's Business Strategy Specialist.

Background from the telecom industry

Jesper Katborg brings solid business experience from, among other things, Telia, where for several years he was the system architect behind the creation of a database that kept track of all telephone activity in the Telia Group for use in connection with, for example, invoicing. A database that logged around 12 million rows of data every day.

It is these analytical skills that will benefit Hjerno in the future. In addition to accounting and bookkeeping, Jesper will thus be involved in preparing differentiated cost prices for the various functions in our production.

“This should help us become even sharper on our production costs in each department so that we dare become be even sharper on the price. Though after all, the quality of both our entire service package and our tools is always most important, the price must of course be attractive and competitive,” Kris Haislund Agergaard explains.

Looking for the perfect profile

Kris Haislund Agergaard had long pointed out that a position combining an accounting and an analysis manager would be a super profile to have associated to the house. But it was only with Jesper Katborg that he found the perfect profile.

"Instead of "just" having a chief accountant making sure that the numbers are correct, it is important for Hjerno and our customers that all employees are involved in the ongoing optimisation and streamlining of the company. In this way, everyone becomes part of our company's success,” Kris Haislund Agergaard concludes.