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More tool makers for the assembly department

With two new appointments, we are now increasing the number of employees in Hjerno's assembly department to 12 people. The reason in particular is an ever-increasing demand for tool repairs.

“12 people in an assembly department at a Danish tool factory is a very high number. When I joined the company in 2004, the assembly department only consisted of two employees,” says Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

"But we are listening to the demand from the market and therefore we are now further increasing our manning."

Need overview and care

The two new employees are Frederik Engstrøm and Sebastian Frimodt and they are both tool makers. They will be part of Hjerno's day shift with a special focus on repairs.

“We spend a lot of time and resources on finding the right employees. In this case, we need employees like Frederik and Sebastian, who are careful and who can maintain an overview,” explains factory manager Kristian Jessen Hansen.

A well-oiled machine

He elaborates that Hjerno's assembly department has turned into a well-oiled machine, where all processes and routines are described to the minutest detail.

"It's like a car that needs to be serviced. The employee gets an exact description of what needs to be done, but he still needs to be able to assess whether the description fits and whether other things should be taken care of when the tool is disassembled,” Kristian Jessen Hansen explains.

Major reorganisation of the assembly department

The employment of Frederik and Sebastian takes place in connection with a major streamlining of the assembly department, where, among other things, changes are implemented to the factory layout to make the processes as efficient as possible.

At the same time, the employees are to a greater extent than before specialised in certain types of tools for different industries.

"And that only makes even greater demands on us to find the right employees," Kristian Jessen Hansen concludes.

Repairs are, in general, a high priority focus area at Hjerno. Read here how we can offer even more emergency repairs than before.