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High demand for 2K tools

It often happens that our customers come to us with inquiries for samples that they are not sure can be produced. This also applies to the two-component tools - 2K tools - of which Hjerno produces more and more.

“Especially this year, we have received many tasks within 2K tools. This is really becoming a specialty for us and a good example that as a tool factory we can help our customers find better solutions if we are involved as early in the process as possible,” says Managing Director Aage Agergaard.

Requires you to ask the right questions

2K tools are used for the production of two-component samples, where you can typically give the sample some unique features by combining two different components in each its material - for example an innovative design or integrated package surfaces.

“It is a rather complicated manufacturing process that places high demands on the tool itself. I think we have had success in the field because first of all here we have the right specialists and routines. And secondly because we use the entire service package with our consultancy. Both at the project stage and when the finished tool is being commissioned at the customer,” Aage Agergaard explains.

He refers to the fact that over the years Hjerno has almost become a world champion in the design and production of the so-called collapsible core tools. And it is, among other things, these experiences that Hjerno has transferred to the 2K area in relation to further developing the technology behind it.

Skilled plastic specialists

Besides having its own test centre with injection moulding machines for sample moulds, Hjerno has its own plastic specialists. And it is precisely the plastic processing technicians, who often play a key role in the 2K projects.

"They can spar with our customers, for example in connection with knowledge of recommended process parameters, materials and adherence between the two components as well as in connection with the final production start-up at the customer," says Aage Agergaard and adds:

“As an example, we have recently experienced that one of our customers only dared to go into the production of very special 2K samples if Hjerno agreed to develop the tool. Precisely because it requires so much knowledge.”

Brand new tool solutions

The final solution included, among other things, the development of completely new tool solutions on two of the samples.

"It is a very good example that if we are involved early in the project, we can more easily help carry the project all the way to the finishing line," Aage Agergaard concludes.