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Watch the video: From elite gymnast to elite tool maker

"We pull together as a unit, which means that everyone has something to offer to the company."

This is how it sounds from Danni Lozano Andersen, who is a tool maker at Hjerno Tool Factory.

In the video below, you can meet Danni who speaks of a number of the exciting tasks he as a tool maker encounters at Hjerno. Among other things, he is responsible for operating our electrical discharge machines, laser welder and 3D measurement machines.

“The electrical discharge machining comes in at the end of the process, as it is often the last terminus before the tool has to be polished or mounted and tested before it is sent out to the customer. That is why it is extremely important that we are very precise. ”

Draws on gymnastics in his work as a tool maker

Although there are not that many acrobatic jumps in the production, Danni Lozano Anderen daily uses the precision and accuracy that got into his blood when he for several years toured as a professional gymnast. 

"It has meant that I continue fighting in order to learn, and it has also given me an edge in terms of being a tool maker."

The most advanced tools in the Nordic countries

Today, gymnastics has been replaced by a sense of community and the good colleagues at the tool factory in Odense.

“It's cool to work at Hjerno because I have the opportunity to work on my own skills with some of the most advanced tools that we have in the Nordic countries. Therefore, it is a joy to show up at work and be assigned a difficult task that you have to solve in collaboration with your colleagues in the best possible way.“

(please press the CC caption in the video player for subtitles in English)