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The plastics industry is powering ahead

While some industries are still on their knees because of the corona pandemic, the plastics industry is firing on all cylinders.

At least, this is what we experience with Hjerno, where we receive inquiries for new, interesting projects to an unknown degree these months. Fortunately, this indicates a busy schedule in the industry.

“In my many years in the industry I have never experienced so many inquiries as now in October and November”. All things being equal, this must indicate that the plastics businesses are already busy or will be busy before long,” says managing director Aage Agergaard.

Three employees prepare offers full time

In one week alone in November, Hjerno issued offers at double-digit millions. Three full-time positions are currently allocated to preparing offers.

Aage Agergaard notices that firstly the inquiries are coming from a broad range of large companies in both Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Secondly, it is a matter of inquiries for complex, difficult tools that require a high degree of precision and quality and where it is also necessary that Hjerno provide advice on e.g. parts design.

Thus, is in not unusual for Hjerno to design and manufacture tool parts with tolerances down to 3 my – corresponding to 0.003 millimetres.

“It is about creative, interesting projects which indicate that the plastics industry in Northern Europe has found a niche as a supplier of the interesting tasks, whereas the simpler tools are produced in other parts of the world,” Aage Agergaard explains.

Has invested in both human beings and machinery

Altogether Hjerno has been so busy in the wake of the corona close-down that Hjerno has hired several new employees in the production so that the number of employees has now rounded 65.

In addition, the company has invested in several new machines to increase the capacity in the production. And on the other side of new year, a brand new five axis processing centre will arrive, one of the world's most precise machines to processing of complex and precise geometries.