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Great honour bestowed on Hjerno specialist

Here at Hjerno we take pride in having the best tool specialists in Denmark working with us.

We now have concrete evidence for it, since Stefan Olsen, who recently completed his apprenticeship as an industrial technician, was awarded a medal for the particularly fine results he achieved during his apprenticeship with Hjerno.

The honour was awarded by the SDE College, Odense, where Stefan Olsen completed his training as an industrial technician.

Would like to attract the biggest talents in the trade

“Stefan is an unusually competent industrial technician, so the honour is quite appropriate,” says Kristian Jessen Hansen, Hjerno's factory manager, who of course gave Stefan Olsen permanent employment after completed apprenticeship.

“We are always ready to go far to secure the biggest talents in the business. It takes people like Stefan to secure our future as a tool factory,” Kristian Jessen Hansen adds.

3D print and motorbikes

Stefan Olsen works in Hjerno’s milling department, where, among other things, he is responsible for one of Hjerno's five-axis processing machines.

Other than that, Stefan has an indefatigable spirit; during his time off the nerds with 3D printing and CNC milling at home; likewise, he is a keen motorbike enthusiast.

You may see a video portrait of Stefan here.