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Hjerno increases manning with two new constructors

Hjerno is strengthening its construction department with two more constructors: René Ravnholdt Knudsen and Frederik Engstrøm, who have both recently joined us. Thus, Hjerno now employs a total of eight constructors.

René Ravnholdt Knudsen is an old acquaintance of the house, as in the early 00s he was apprenticed as a tool maker at Hjerno. He continued his education as an constructor, and afterwards he has worked for, among others, Lego for a few years and for a manufacturing company in another industry.

“This means that a capacity with lots of experience to draw on has now returned to Hjerno, and we are pleased to welcome René back to the company,” says CEO Allan Hansen.

Flair for injection moulding tools

Hjerno's other new tool constructor, Frederik Engstrøm, was originally a trained tool maker and constructor in the punching tool industry. However, he chose to go into the plastic tool industry via a position as a fitter in Hjerno's assembly department.

Here he has from scratch gained a great deal of experience with injection moulding tools and he has worked with both new tools as well as troubleshooting and repairs of the customers' tools. Frederik Engstrøm has proven to be so acute that he has now been moved to our construction department with responsibility for the design of new tools.

“Frederik has through his time in the assembly department shown both great interest in and good flair for working with injection moulding tools and therefore it is now logical to pull him over to our construction department, where I am sure he will become a great benefit,” says Allan Hansen.

Precision and professionalism

For Frederik Engstrøm himself, it has been a pleasure to become part of the branch of the tool industry that deals with injection moulding.

“I really appreciate the precision and professionalism that characterise Hjerno's work. And it was just great to start in the assembly department and learn the craft from scratch again,” says Frederik Engstrøm.