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5-axial simultaneous milling machine with extreme precision

It is a unique machine that has recently moved into Hjerno's fleet of production equipment.

As part of our continuous efforts to raise quality and reduce our lead times, we have invested in two additional 5-axial CNC machines from Makino and Mikron, respectively.

The former is a machine for 5-axial simultaneous milling with an extraordinary degree of precision. The machine is thus able simultaneously to mill in 5 axes with a tolerance of down to three microns.

”To our knowledge, it is one of the only 5-axial simultaneous milling machines in the world that can deliver such high precision. So this is a truly unique machine, which has therefore also even for Hjerno been an expensive investment,” explains Kristian Jessen Hansen, COO at Hjerno Tool Factory.

Self-propelled machines

A 5-axial machining process means that both the milling process itself and curved surfaces can be optimised compared to using conventional 3-axial milling.

The more axes, the harder it is basically for the machine to maintain a high precision. But here the Makino machine distinguishes itself by being able to measure and control itself along the way, which largely obviates the need for post-control of the milled sample.

”This investment is a step towards our ambition to have CNC machines that are so precise and self-propelled that we do not need to check the tolerances afterwards,” says Kristian Jessen Hansen.

Robot to support night-time operation

He adds that in connection with the investment in the new Makino machine, the PowerMill programme will at the same time become Hjerno's new standard software for 5-axial programming.

”PowerMill has an excellent simultaneous flow and can also generate some really nice surfaces,” explains Kristian Jessen Hansen.

The other new machine is a 5-axial CNC machine from Micron with an associated robot. It is primarily to be used to support ongoing overnight production.