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Meet Hjerno's number one problem solver

We like to say that Hjerno is a house full of specialists. And skilled employees who are passionate about their profession. This applies in particular to 65-year-old Johnny Schmidt.

He is one of the Hjerno employees with the longest seniority and has worked for Hjerno since 2001. Johnny Schmidt is a trained tool maker and on paper he has his daily routine in our electrical discharge machining department - but in reality the entire factory benefits greatly from his enthusiasm and inventiveness.

Has invented a unique polishing machine

Johnny Schmidt is thus the one who invented and developed a unique polishing machine, which in its time was developed to solve an in theory almost impossible customer project - and the machine is still used on several of our projects to this day.

And he is also the man behind several in-house developed measuring machines in our test centre. And in case we encounter samples that are completely impossible to mill at Hjerno's otherwise highly specialised CNC machining centres, Johnny Schmidt takes the samples home where he has an own-developed milling machine.

You can meet Johnny and hear more about his role at Hjerno in this video: