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Hjerno: Much more than a supplier

From the very beginning, Hjerno has been recognised as a skilled and credible sparring partner for our customers. And as a supplier who does not shun solving both untraditional and demanding tasks.

This was the case in the company's young years in the 40s, 50s and 60s, when Hjerno supplied tools and machines to large companies in Odense, such as Rolunds Fabrikker, Wittenborg and Damixa. And this is especially true today, where Hjerno has become a leading player in the tool industry and supplies tools to some of the major plastic manufacturers at home and abroad.

“So even though we are a company with many foreign customers, we still prefer having our customers within a certain radius. Simply because it makes it easier to advise and spar with our customers,” says Hjerno’s CEO, Allan Hansen.

Advice and sparring for free

Thanks to Hjerno's wide range of specialists, we are thus able to solve tasks where others have to give up and we are happy to assist the customer with specialist knowledge during the process. In fact, advice and sparring are to be regarded as a free service when you buy a tool from Hjerno.

“Thanks to our enormously precise and technically complicated tools, we can help the customer to end up with a unique plastic product that is difficult to copy, and around which the customer can therefore create long-term earnings,” says Allan Hansen.

Insoluble tasks in theory

A good example of this is the on paper almost insoluble task, which Hjerno's specialists solved in the spring of 2020.

Or the project we solved during the winter and the early months of spring for a Danish-foreign customer, where we as a tool factory not only delivered eight technically complicated tools in 3.5 months, but also designed the plastic sample from scratch based on the customer's specifications.

“It is simply the unique solutions and the demanding tasks that make us competitive. As a Danish tool factory, we must focus on the tasks that cheaper, foreign tool manufacturers cannot solve. This is where we can really create value for our customers,” concludes Allan Hansen.