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Extremely complicated project was a race against time

From a series of lines on the paper to a largely production-mature plastic sample in 3.5 months - and, what is more, a plastic sample that Hjerno's sample engineers themselves designed from scratch based on the customer's recommendations.

This is roughly the story behind eight very complicated tools that Hjerno developed and delivered to a Danish-foreign customer between December 2020 and April this year.

Hjerno has thus been both involved in the tools themselves and the end product, which is a secret until the autumn.

Although sample maturation and sample optimisation as well as demanding tools are some of Hjerno's specialties, Hjerno's COO, Kristian Jessen Hansen, admits.

“It does not happen every day that a tool factory is allowed to design a plastic sample from scratch - mind you, where as many as eight components are included - based on some specifications, requirements and wishes from the customer. We were basically only told what the sample should be able to do, and then our in-house sample engineer designed the sample afterwards.”

Hjerno took all the responsibility

Kristian Jessen Hansen calls the project an obvious Hjerno project - precisely because of the complexity of the task.

In addition to the complexity of the tools themselves and the plastic sample - which among other things involves 2K - the project has also stood out due to the fact that Hjerno as a tool manufacturer has taken responsibility for assembly and functionality of the finished sample with all that it entails of tolerance chains and sample mould of the finished sample.

Furthermore, the project was a race against time, as the customer had to be able to send test samples for laboratory tests in Germany by April - otherwise the laboratory could not fit them into its schedule and the project would be postponed for a year.

“But we reached our goal thanks to our skilled specialists and not least a dedicated project manager who has zealously seen the project through. Without these employees, we simply would not have been able to take on the task,” says Kristian Jessen Hansen.

The product will be presented in September

Due to the very short production time, there was no time to make the test tool for the sample. Nevertheless, Hjerno's tools and samples were of such high quality that the sample was sent on for laboratory tests in Germany in the first take.

As mentioned earlier, the plastic sample itself will remain a secret for a while yet. But the finished product is scheduled to be presented at a major trade show in the UK in September.

“I can say so much that this is a fairly unique product, which is to be sold in most parts of the world,” Kristian Jessen Hansen concludes.