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This is how we work to raise the quality at Hjerno

One of the most difficult disciplines in a company is good communication.

Therefore, at Hjerno, we have since the autumn of 2020 worked purposefully to strengthen our communication across our departments in our efforts to deliver the very best quality to our customers.

“Already now, we can see that we have evolved a lot. We have succeeded in eliminating many of the repetitive errors that could occur in the past - and the errors we still make once in a while, after all, make more ‘noise’, e.g. we discover them earlier,” Hjerno's COO, Kristian Jessen Hansen explains.

Multiple pit stops on the tool route

He says that specific job descriptions have been prepared for each individual employee, just as the various processes in the production have been described in more detail than before.

In addition, several quality pit stops have been introduced on the tool's route through production so that any problems are followed up on an ongoing basis - and so that the errors are caught in time.

“Ultimately, it is about building a culture where we help each other across departments and across seniority,” Kristian Jessen Hansen says.

An important piece in the quality work is Hjerno's ISO 9001:2015 system, which was introduced in 2020.

“The system generates deviation reports, which we actively use to both describe challenges and to find solutions. This is a huge help in everyday life,” Kristian Jessen Hansen explains.

Not a zero-error culture

He emphasises that this is not a zero-error culture.

“We are not trying to eliminate all errors, as that is impossible. But we try to catch these errors when they occur, so that we avoid repeating the same ones.”