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Hjerno’s milling specialist pushes the limits

How can we constantly push the limits of how efficient we can be in our production?

This is one of the questions we are always asking ourselves at Hjerno.

It is one of the reasons why we have one man solely occupied with optimising the milling strategies we use in our machining centres. Both in relation to achieving the best possible surfaces and the highest possible precision and in relation to reaching the goal as efficiently as possible.

“As a large factory, we must move away from the fact that milling the individual samples becomes a matter of personal preferences. That is why we dedicate resources to optimising and fine-tuning our milling strategies in order to operate as quickly and efficiently as possible every single day,” Hjerno's COO, Kristian Jessen Hansen explains.

Professional nerd is responsible

The employee with responsibility for the milling strategies is named Stefan Olsen and he has been an apprentice as an industrial technician at Hjerno. He is the one who prepares the templates based on which the milling machines operate.

“Stefan has a natural interest in CNC technology, he is completely up-to-date with the technological development and he is extremely good at optimising the various parameters,” Kristian Jessen Hansen says.

Almost infinite number of templates

The development of the various milling templates - also called macros - among other things takes place based on data from Hjerno's CAM system, PowerMill.

“We have an almost unlimited number of macros to work with, which gives us some really good conditions for being able to adapt the macros very, very precisely to our needs,” Kristian Jessen Hansen concludes.