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New CAM-system - and a visit from China

The name is Sam Liu, the passport is Chinese and he spent two whole weeks in Odense in December to introduce the employees at Hjerno Tool Factory to our new CAM–system. 

The system is called ZW3D and is supplied by a Chinese company, ZWCAD Systems. It is a system, which is completely new in Denmark, and thus Sam Liu made the trip to H.C. Andersen’s famous birthplace.

ZW3D is meant to replace Hjerno’s current CAM- system, which has become so complicated, that it is no longer feasible to programme or utilize.

The new system offers Hjerno the possibility to have certain aspects of the programming and templates customised to our needs. This means fewer mouse clicks, for instance when programming milling operations with so-called ‘smart CNC machining tactics’.

Customized to Hjerno
In order for the system to be compatible to Hjerno, we have - in cooperation with the supplier - trained our own specialist, who now works full time teaching the employees how to use the system and tailoring it to Hjerno Tool Factory’s requirements.

”But we did not buy a pig in a poke” assures Aage Agergaard.

Although the system is developed in China and relatively unknown in Denmark, there are 550.000 users of the system in over 80 countries worldwide.

”So it is reassuring to know that the system is tried and tested, and that there is good technical support,” says Aage Agergaard.

During his stay Sam Liu was also able to visit a Danish christmas market and the H.C. Andersen Museum. He recently returned to Odense in February to ensure that the implementation of the programme is going according to plan.