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Hjerno Tool Factory part of groundbreaking plastics project

Traditional ammunition boxes of steel have dominated the market of ammunition boxes since WW2. But now a Danish developed plastic box is ready for battle against competitors.

The box is developed by the Danish company PlastPackDefense (PPD) and Hjerno Tool Factory has acted as a development partner during the project.

This is a lightweight box in plastic and composite materials, which is 68 percent lighter than the steel ammunition boxes NATO is currently using. However, just as robust.

Extreme temperatures
The box must withstand both extreme temperatures and fall from 12 meters’ height containing 22 kg ammunition, and is therefore equipped with various shock zones that distribute pressure as appropriately as possible. 

Hjerno has developed and manufactured the mould tools, hence the company has also helped with developing the unique design of the box.

The magazine Plast has writen an article about the box and the development work, which can be read on page 42-43: