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Standardised project management pays off

At Hjerno, project management can be anything from managing a single tool part through production to managing the production of an entire series of tools.

For Hjerno's project managers, project management may thus vary from small projects to several months of work, which includes sub-processes such as sample design, flow simulations, budget planning and construction as well as close collaboration with the customer on often really large projects.

"Therefore, we have now prepared a complete fixed roadmap for all sizes of in-house projects in order to immediately make a final plan and thereby know the scope of both the customer's project and our project management," explains Hjerno's Business Strategy Specialist Kris Agergaard.

All project management anchored in ISO

At the same time, all project management has been anchored in Hjerno's ISO system, ensuring that customers experience the same high quality and the same standardised processes in connection with each individual project. Regardless of who becomes the project manager - and regardless of whether a project manager has to take over a project from another project manager.

"However, the goal is still that there is a ‘one point of contact’ for the customer in order to avoid that the customer is thrown around between different specialists and departments, and so that the customer will always be informed by his contact person who acts as the customer's in-house representative," Kris Agergaard explains.

The link between the customer and Hjerno's specialists

The project manager handles all meetings and correspondence with the customer and is the liaison between the customer and the various departments in Hjerno's production. That way, no information falls between two stools.

The project manager also coordinates with the various specialists involved in the project and all contribute with their own high degree of professionalism - for example in sample design, construction, production of the finished samples or integration with peripherals in the customer's production.

Surprising results

The integration in the ISO system and the ongoing focus on standardised processes has already proved its worth, Kris Agergaard explains.

“It has yielded surprising results on several fronts. Both in the form of shorter lead times on some of the projects we have completed in 2020, and in the form of significantly fewer deviation reports in our ISO quality system - in fact a reduction of around 40 percent, which in itself is absolutely fantastic. ”