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Moulding sample

Hjerno Tool Factory has its own sample-moulding department...

hjerno proevestoebning 2020

It is extremely valuable for both customers and us that the tools are test-driven and fine-tuned before the mould is delivered to the customer's own moulding department.

Sample moulding is carried out by "Systematic commissioning", and the customer receives the samples with too low pressure, the correct pressure and too high pressure. We also supply the operating parameters with the mould.

We deliver a small number of parts to the customer before delivery of the mould for approval, and if corrections to the mould are necessary on the basis of the sample moulding, we carry out a new sample shut after the correction, so the customer receives a perfect part.

However, it is by necessity only standard machines that we have acquired, so the special parts still need to be sample moulded at the customer, but here we will always send a technician out to test drive the mould together with the customer.

It should be noted that we only mould a small series of test samples in our moulding department, and we do not produce parts in addition to these.