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  • Lars Arntoft Flygenring,
    Coordination Manager
    Production planning
  • +45 6316 0438
  • Kristian Jessen Hansen,
    Tool Shop Manger
    Production management
  • +45 6021 4219

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Project department

The project department plans the entire process and production of the orders...

hjerno projektafdelingen orderflow 2020

Our project department are the people who constantly monitor the house's resources and ensure that we do not sell more than we can make, and who ensure that we deliver all orders on time.

The project department manages the 30-40 new tools that are normally under production at any time in the house.

It is the project department who must have a constant overview of all house processes and ensure that resources are managed to give the best possible quality and yield, so that we can ultimately deliver exceptional value at decent prices that our customers can live with, and we can only do this by using the production plant optimally.

It is also the project department that sends weekly updated project plans to our customers – and it is they who make sure that all deviations from the plan are put back on track – thus ultimately contributing to our customers continuing to be customers of ours!