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Tool tooldesign

Top class tool tooldesign...

hjerno konstruktion 2020

It is in the design phase that we create the basis for the perfect tool to mould the perfect part, and therefore we have a large tooldesign department with five highly skilled tooldesigners who enjoy finding good and innovative solutions for our customers.

The tooldesigners begin by assessing the part design in detail, and normally they discuss the overall project at length to get a good overview of the part. They then come up with suggestions for improvements before the tooldesign begins – so at Hjerno there is not just a tooldesign, but also often a careful examination of the overall project, in order for the goal to be reached.

The drawings are also not just drawings, but a complete job description for the entire tool, as already in this phase all the tool parts are described in the processes – not just what they should look like but also how they should be produced, which has a great influence on both the tool's final precision and durability.

We use one of the world's most comprehensive CAD systems – Unigraphic NX, where we have currently reached version 10.0, the very latest release. Our CAD system is directly integrated with the house's other CAM system, which is also Unigraphic, thus completely avoiding conversion problems, etc.

Our IT system is the heart of the company and customers can be fully confident that we can store and retrieve all their files from the various tools with 100% reliability.

Therefore Hjerno's IT security is first class, and in addition to having 11 servers in a fireproof room, we have a UPS power supply for any power failure, as well as a full daily backup in a secure location outside the house.