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hjerno reparation og service

Hjerno Tool Factory has its own separate department for repair and maintenance, while in tool tooldesign there are dedicated staff carrying out repair and maintenance.

Naturally the repair department uses all the house's facilities, but they also have their own special machines that are more geared towards repair, such as micro-welding, ultrasonic cleaning, hotrunner controllers with adapters of all kinds, etc., as well as a lot of spare parts, so that we can handle most repairs without first having to obtain the spare parts, etc.

Many of the tools we have for repair and maintenance are those that we have previously produced ourselves and so have all the drawings for. The repair department can thus find these in our IT system and can work from them in 3D as all our employees have extensive experience in the use of the CAD and CAM systems.

We would obviously like to have 3D material for the tools we have not produced ourselves, but for the tools where there are no drawings, we usually measure up those areas where action must be taken, after which we can also work with these tools from programmed CAM processes and can work on the basis of the latest technology.

The repair department can handle tools of up to 7 tons.