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Chinese tools

Chinese tools with full Danish Hjerno warranty and service..!

hjerno kinesiske vaerktoejer 2020

Hjerno Tool Factory is a specialist in low-cost tools from China. We design, add the know-how and control the entire project from start to finish including moulding sample and handover to the customer.

It is exclusively the Chinese job to make the machining in accordance with Hjerno's 3D drawings and detailed work descriptions for each process, and this takes place under Hjerno's continuous monitoring and control.

SAVE 30-50% on a Chinese Hjerno tool

If you buy a low-cost Chinese tool from Hjerno, you do not have to worry about the quality being good enough, or how to get the tool serviced in the future, as it is Hjerno who have full responsibility from the time you submit the file of the part, until you have proper parts out of your injection moulding machine. And then there is still a full 12-month Hjerno warranty!
We have close cooperation with a number of selected Chinese factories, each with its own specialty, and we know them very well. They manufacture the tool according to our instructions, and from Hjerno we have daily control over both the manufacturing method and tolerances on all toolparts.

It is therefore only Hjerno you deal with and Hjerno who guarantees that the tool will run perfectly – and we guarantee at the same time that you will not be buying "a pig in a poke" and that you will be completely satisfied. And most importantly of all, you know the price, quality and warranty when you place the order.

Of course it is not all tools that we can offer to produce in this way, as there is a limit to how technically demanding the tools can be. So when we offer this solution, it is because we can guarantee that it will go well.

However, we do not try to hide the fact that these tools manufactured in cooperation with a Chinese factory do not have the same standard as a tool we have produced with our own very high-tech production equipment, but the solution is a good one when it comes to the more simple parts or low numbers of parts.