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Micro tools

Micro tools for micro parts are not without their challenges...

hjerno mikrovaerktoej 2020

Micro parts are not just very small parts, but also often incredibly complicated ones, which also require delicate tolerances down to 1/1000 mm. They must also meet requirements for no mould, no flash, no air inclusions, no sink marks, and so on, and of course they must be moulded in one or another completely impossible exotic material with 50% glass.

And there is only ONE quality acceptable – flawless..!

After five years of ceaseless toil in order to become an expert in the manufacture of micro tools, we can now dare to claim that we have become part of the elite in these special tools that are more like a Rolex watch inside rather than an injection moulding tool.

But equally important is that we have developed the technology so that it is also possible to do this at convincingly economic prices.