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Technical demanding

We are experts in technically demanding tools for complex parts...

hjerno teknisk kraevende vaerktoejstyper 2020

We are a super modern high-tech factory with the very latest, advanced production equipment. Therefore most of our tools are tooldesigned for technically demanding parts with difficult geometries and ultra-low tolerances.

These parts provide plenty of challenges for the tool where the parts first and foremost must be completely identical with the 3D drawing and in super quality, and where there are still many things to be taken into account in the tool to ensure consistent quality during moulding.

The more technically demanding a part, the more things the part should be guaranteed against in the tool. For example:

  • air inclusions
  • sink marks
  • flashes
  • coarse inlet residues
  • coarse ejection marks
  • jettings
  • burns
  • cast in the part
  • deformations
  • demoulding scratches
  • surface wrinkles
  • oil on the part, etc.

We already solve many of the challenges in tooldesign, but this requires the latest production equipment operated by 50 tool specialists who all undergo continuous education and training.

We have therefore invested heavily over the past few years, so we are now manufacturing the precise tool parts with tolerances down to 2-3 microns.